Top 67 Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts

Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts – United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country in the Middle East region that adopts a national, presidential and constitutional monarchy which consists of seven emirates absolute monarchy, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah.

UAE has now become wealthy countries and potential. The country is formerly known as the developing countries, where the majority of the territory is the desert. Entering the fifth decade, UAE darted sharply and became the sixth richest country in the world, surpassing developed countries.

Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts

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Production of oil and gas are abundant plus the increase in the sector stability nonhydrocarbon make this country become the second richest country in the Middle East after Qatar. Although it has an area which is not big enough, the UAE has managed to show himself as one of the principal actors in the realm of regional and international.

In 1971, President Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan transformed emerging countries into a federation which is the only one in the Arab region. With the style of governance and integrity and visionary leadership, empowered and used oil wealth to develop and strengthen the UAE economy, so now he transformed into one of the countries with the strongest economy, open, and prosperous. Below, I will write about 67 Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts.


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Top 67 Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts


1. Seven Emirates

Seven emirates form the United Arab Emirates. The seven emirates are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. So the name of the country is the United Arab Emirates.

2. Dubai veto power

As part of the city in Abu Dhabi, Dubai is the only emirate that has veto power over national issues the United Arab Emirates.

3. Newcomers people

Residents called the Emiratis, only about 15% of the total population. The majority of the people of Dubai are newcomers India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Europe looking for work.

4. Fantastic building architecture

The United Arab Emirates is a country with amazing architecture and incredible. For nearly 50-60 years build with an excellent infrastructure, health services, and others. The beauty of some of the buildings has broken the world record.

Dubai-Modern-Buildings Top 67 Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts Asia The Lounge

Dubai modern design building

5. Country first incomes

Sales of oil are only 6% of Dubai’s economy. Dubai’s first economy is relying on real estate and tourism.

6. Country dynasty

Dynasty Al Maktoum ruled Dubai since 1833. Dubai does not follow the judicial system of the United Arab Emirates.

7. Ton of skyscrapers

Dubai ranked third as a city with lots of skyscrapers (about 148 skyscrapers in Dubai).

8. Increasing the vehicles

In 1968 there were only 13 cars in Dubai. Now the traffic in Dubai is very dense, so it must be made to tackle congestion terraced street.

9. Police vehicles

Dubai Police vehicles equipped with luxury vehicles and super-fast, like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley.

Dubai-Police-Vehicles Top 67 Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts Asia The Lounge

Dubai police cars

10. Marijuana law

There was an Englishman who was jailed for four years because of marijuana weighing less than a grain of sugar tucked in his shoe.

11. Gold ATM

In Dubai, there are ATMs issued gold (not money).

12. No address system

Dubai does not have the address system, no zip code, no area code, and no postal system. To bundle to a destination, the sender must write the correct and precise instructions on package packing in writing.

13. No sewerage system

In Dubai there is no sewerage system stool, but with the first collected and then taken by truck and disposed of elsewhere.

14. Global financial crisis

After the last global financial crisis in 2008, many luxury cars left just like that in many places in Dubai and the airport. Most of the cars purchased with the credit system software during the economic boom and then the owner is unable to pay the mortgage for the termination of employment due to the economic crisis.

15. Beer licensing

In Dubai, to enjoy a beer even in your homes, you should get a “license of beer”.

Dubai-Beer-Licensing Top 67 Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts Asia The Lounge

Beer in Dubai

16. Kyoto protocol

Despite being a major oil exporter, the United Arab Emirates requires renewal of the Kyoto protocol and an investor in solar energy.

17. Different fasting time

People who live on the 80th floor of the world’s tallest building in Dubai has 2 minutes of extra time before breaking the fast during the fasting month because they will see the sun longer than those on the ground floor.

18. Tallest building

In 1959, Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to build mile-high buildings (528 floors) in Chicago. The tallest building in the world now, Burj Khalifa, was only half a mile and was inspired by a Wright design with a height of about 2,717 feet.

Burj-Khalifa Top 67 Incredible United Arab Emirates Facts Asia The Lounge

Burj Khalifa

19. Burj Khalifa design

Design Burj Khalifa-inspired Greek interest, Hymenollis, from the Greek meaning “Beautiful Tunica Greece”.

20. Burj Khalifa construction

Burj Khalifa builds by a South Korean company called Samsung Engineering and Construction.

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