Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking

Preskil Beach Resort Reviews – Preskil Beach Resort is the only resort situated on the private island of 5 Best Honeymoon Resort in Mauritius that have been discussed in this travel blog. Resort is located in one of the private islands of Mauritius, and it is suitable for those who celebrate the honeymoon moment.

Preskil Beach Resort Reviews

Resort is famous for the service and amenities provided to guests, in addition to the scenery around the resort is stunning and charming. The beach is very easy to access because it is surrounded by beaches, with white sand glossy when exposed to sunlight.

Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Amazing Preskil Beach Resort

Preskil Beach Resort has several cruise ships are preparing for guests with wedding purposes, corporate events, and family events. Many other facilities are available. To find necessary information Resort and facilities available at the resort simply to read the review authors in the post below. Happy reading and be smart readers!

From the previous article, the author will summarize again about the five best hotels for honeymoon in Mauritius:

  1. Maritim Resort & Spa
  2. Lux * Grand Gaube
  3. Lux * Le Morne
  4. Tamassa Hotel
  5. Preskil Beach Resort

For ease of access to information in this article, the index already prepares for the reader so that the information will be readily available to the user as needed:



Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking


Preskil Beach Resort General Information

NamePreskil Beach Resort
AddressPointe Jérôme, Mahébourg
Phone+230 604 1000
Fax+230 631 0774
TripAdvisor Rating4,3 from 5 (2,132 reviews)
Hotel Class4-Stars
Total Room200
Price Range$171 – $250



Preskil Beach Resort Services & Facilities


The hotel rooms are the main facilities we have to consider for the convenience of our holiday. Preskil Beach Resort provides quality facilities and comfortable rooms; there are three types of hotel rooms we can choose according to our needs, what types of rooms are available?

The following I will discuss in the Preskil beach resort reviews below.


Lagoon Rooms
Lagoon-Rooms-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Lagoon Room

This room is decorated in a tropical theme and makes you feel comfortable to walk barefoot. The room is a favorite for guests who celebrate the Honeymoon Moment.

The rooms are offering your intimate moments with your partner, the lagoon and the room with a soft sensation Joie de Vivre. This room is locating on a private island with gorgeous scenery.


Prestige Cottages
Prestige-Cottages-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Prestige Cottages Room

This type of room is locating on the Preskil Beach Resort’s base floor; this room usually uses for guests who bring their families and suitable for moments of family time. Prestige Cottages offers a superb view of the grandeur of Lion Mountain and I’lle Aux Aigrettes.

This type of rooms are quite spacious and can use for a children’s playground.


Deluxe Penthouses
Deluxe-Penthouses-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Deluxe Penthouses Room

This room is locating on the first floor of the resort and facing the sea from the Indian Ocean. From this room, guests can view the beautiful scenery of the islands in the area a nearby Mauritius.

These rooms can be quite convenient for all the moments; you can celebrate the honeymoon or for those who bring a family holiday to Mauritius.


Restaurants & Bars

For the requirement of food service, Preskil Beach Resort has four places that we can use to dine and enjoy a relaxing chat. And certainly, this resort has an excellent quality regarding areas design and the food menu.

What are 4 Restaurants & Bars in Preskil Beach Resort? Please read and learn in the table below.


Spices-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Spices – The Main Restaurant

This place is the main restaurant in Preskil Beach Resort; this restaurant serves the guests to enjoy breakfast and dinner. For those of you who loves to eat, this restaurant has the best menu, and you can enjoy here.

The food menu at the resort is the International Themes Buffets, and you do not want to skip your breakfast time. Day after day, this restaurant will provide exceptional food that could be enjoyed by all circles, especially for traditional meals and pastries.


Tapas Grill & Beach Bar
Tapas-Grill-Beach-Bar-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Tapas Grill & Beach Bar

This bar is A La Carte Restaurant, which has beach restaurant design because it has the sandy floor, so you can release the footwear and walking with bare feet. Tapas Grill & Beach Bar has 360-degree angle views, which allows you to see the whole view of the beautiful beaches and attractive.

The most interesting are the restaurant open during the dinner, the event offered is seafood grills, a romantic dinner for honeymoon couples with a lighting candle, and also the pleasure of ocean breeze in the night.


Charta Steak House & Bar
Charka-Steak-House-Bar-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Charka Steak House & Bar

This place has unique menu characteristics that use a particular ‘South African Meat’. These bars can use for enjoying a drink and has a contemporary design that is typical of Africa.

If you are meat lovers, this steak house should have you try, South Africa pleasures of the flesh that need to enjoy before you die!


Indigo Bar
Indigo-Bar-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Indigo Bar

For those of you who like to enjoy cocktails, this place is a favorite and has best cocktail services. The bar is situated between the two pools in Preskil Beach Resort. Caipirinhas, Pinacoladas, and Mojitos is a particular food that will accompany you in this bar.

This bar has cocktail times; these special moments will accompany with the music for the pleasure of a champagne glass or wine that has a distinctive taste.


Ylang Spa

Ylang-Spa-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Ylang Spa

Preskil Beach Resort has a spa facility, situated in the center of the resort. Ylang Spa has spa treatment with Dead Sea minerals and bath facilities with flower petals.

The spa is warm and cozy, circular with tropical wood and stones colored may help you be in a relaxed atmosphere. Because Preskil Beach Resort is one of the Best Resort in Mauritius.


Sports & Leisures

Sport-Leisure-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Sport & Leisure

Preskil Beach Resort will offer facilities that may be not forgotten ever, one of them is Sport & Leisure. These facilities you can enjoy either on the beach, sea or land.

Tennis may be one alternative to utilizing your free time during the holidays; the resort has an extensive tennis court for tennis. Besides tennis, volleyball tournament also you can enjoy together with friends or other guests. Resort also provides Zumba Dance courses, for those who loves to dance.

Resort also offers the sea sport that will help you enjoy the beauty of Mauritius that’s so blue. And then you can enjoy the pedal-boats and surfing, for the beginner surfer can take the surfing classes and hone your surfing skills here.


Groups & Incentives

For those of you who travel and leisure with friends, be it family or business colleagues; Preskil Beach Resort provides the facility to perform activities in groups. Business events and private events you can do at this resort because the package provided is for group travel packages.

Many of the activities that you can enjoy with the panel ranging from dinner, enjoy a cocktail together, chat together to conduct meetings at a business event. However, in this package, you can choose to display the Mauritius Traditional Dances, Jazz Band, and other entertainment.

Personal Meeting Place
Catamaran-Cruise-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Catamaran Cruise

Travel with business colleagues or companies is an activity that is necessary to strengthen the cohesiveness of the team. Preskil Beach Resort facilitated by setting up a private meeting room in addition to the Meeting Room. Because the conference room is an enclosed space.

The yacht catamaran is one of the closed session that you can use for the benefit of a corporate event. The good news it is an open meeting place while enjoying the ocean view of Mauritius is the main reason for choosing this location.


Meeting room

Conduct the boardroom at Preskil Beach Resort can be done here, especially because this resort has a meeting room that can use for conferences, training, seminars and other group events.

This room can accommodate about 250 people. Meeting Room has two chambers, namely Medina and Suriname, each room has air conditioning and has the projector with a white screen at the front of the chamber. For you who need an internet connection, the resort also provides free internet service in the meeting room.

Suriname room has an area of 12 m2 to accommodate as many as 12 people in a sitting position letter U and 14 people in a sitting position like in council meetings. While Medina is a meeting room that can accommodate more than Suriname, this space can accommodate as many as 250 people with an area of 325 m2.



Wedding-Package-Preskil-Beach-Resort Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Beautiful Wedding Packages

Getting married is a promise to spend time with the person you love, this moment is one of the precious moments of one’s life. Moreover, if you do a wedding in beautiful places like Mauritius. And then Mauritius is an ideal place to celebrate your wedding moments.

Preskil Beach Resort Weddings can facilitate your wedding from zero through to completion. Because the resort is already preparing a special place to get married and have made a team to take care of all the needs of the wedding.

Facilities offered include a marriage venue, wedding preparations, DJ for the evening, champagne, decorations, theme banquet, the selection of the place (the beach or yacht). Prepare yourself and your partner to get through a crucial moment in Mauritius.


Preskil Beach Resort Map & Location

Preskil-Beach-Resort-Sky-View-Location Preskil Beach Resort Reviews & Booking Review

Preskil Beach Resort Location (Sky View)

Map: –

Address: Pointe Jérôme, Mahébourg


Tel: +230 604 1000

Fax: +230 631 0774

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Hotel Awards


#2015 – Certificate of Excellence

#2016 – Certificate of Excellence



#2014 – Recommended Hotels


Preskil Beach Resort Reviews

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