Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Hotel Reviews

Lux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne Mauritius Swimming PoolLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne MauritiusLux* Le Morne Mauritius

Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Hotel Reviews

Lux* Le Morne Mauritius is a 5-star hotel in Mauritius. This hotel is one hotel that is under the auspices of the company Lux*, as his case Lux* Grand Gaube Hotel.

The hotel is a favorite for service and facilities are excellent and has international quality. If you are traveling to Mauritius could try to stay at this hotel. Especially if you’re celebrating a honeymoon with your partner, it recommends a suitable hotel for honeymoon.

Please read the previous article that discusses 5 Best Honeymoon Mauritius Hotels ReviewFrom the previous article, the author will summarize again about the five best hotels for honeymoon in Mauritius:

  1. Maritim Resort & Spa
  2. Lux * Grand Gaube
  3. Lux * Le Morne
  4. Tamassa Hotel
  5. Preskil Beach Resort
Lux* Le Morne Mauritius
Lux-Le-Morne-Mauritius-Hotel-Reviews-Pool Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Hotel Reviews Review

Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Swimming Pool

For this post, authors will review existing services and facilities at the Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Hotel. For those of you planning a holiday to Mauritius and settled on Lux* Le Morne Hotel, this article will help you to get to know more closely this hotel. Happy reading and be smart readers!

Index of Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Hotel Reviews:

  1. General Information
  2. Services & Facilities
  3. Hotel Award
  4. Hotel Review



Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Hotel Reviews


Lux* Le Morne General Information

NameLux* Le Morne
AddressCoastal Road, Le Morne, Mauritius 227756
Phone+230 401 4000
Email[email protected]
TripAdvisor Rating4,7 from 5 (3,714 reviews)
Hotel Class5-Stars
Total Room149
Price Range$270 – $1,012


Lux* Le Morne Services & Facilities

Perfect Beach

In this hotel, you can spend your vacation or honeymoon to explore beaches were very lovely and clean. This beach is the view that we will be able to if staying at this hotel. This beach will accompany your time together with your partner; your honeymoon period is guaranteed to be memorable.

Also, the water on the beach is also spotless, less bumpy and has a natural protection from the wind so that you can safely swim and do snorkeling as satisfied as you want.

Corals and Reef fish are ready to accompany you during your time here, just imagine if swimming with reef fish! Very valuable experience.


Sax at Sunset

Sunset is a natural activity that is gorgeous, and everyone wants to enjoy the sunset, moreover if you benefit from the sunset with your partner. There is a service provided by the hotel in an event ‘Sax at Sunset’ featuring saxophonist rendition when sunset is ongoing.

Guests can enjoy the sunset regarding anywhere, and also provided a seat to see the sunset and watch the saxophonist.


Photo Concierge

For this services, you may be rare to find because the hotel offers you to capture our sunset moment with photo services. You can request what you want with the pictures.


Hiking Trip

Le Morne Mountain is a mountain in the island of Mauritius exactly near Hotel Lux* Le Morne Mauritius; the hotel offers a service to hike to the mountain.

What can we enjoy on the mountain of Le Morne? of course, stunning scenery Mauritius altitude mountain peaks. Guide supplied already has an exclusive license. Moreover, the hotel has been providing tools and supplies for the hike.



Mauritius is the best place number 5 in the world to do the kitesurfing. Lux* Le Morne offers their guests to try extreme sports.

For the guests who are the first time to try kitesurfing, the hotel provides a place to learn with the instructor who has been reliable. The instructor is a national champion of Russia. Want to try?


Honeymoon Special Offer

Of course, Lux* Le Morne is becoming one of the favorite places for honeymoon couples provide special packages for the honeymoon. The hotel offers a discount of up to 70% for the honeymoon couples.

But for the record, the discount is only for honeymoon couples and your partner. While you still have to pay the reasonable price.


Swim with Dolphins

Lux* Le Morne Mauritius offers a special event for their guests, which is an exciting experience to swim with dolphins. These animals are familiar in the waters of Mauritius, offering luxury packages floating lounge, guests can swim with dolphins. Almost the same with Hawaii Islands.

This trip will lead by an experienced captain, and this experience will capture with Go-Pro for Underwater experience. Having tired of swimming? This package will serve food to fill your power back.


Special Thai Kitchen

Who does not know the delights of typical Thai food, this food can be found all over the world. Chef Suksan Supprasert will present a typical dish of Thailand specials for Lux* Le Morne Mauritius guest.


Healthy Facilities

Lux* Me is a particular service that is in every Lux* Hotel. The service will offer Spa, Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and meditation. This service will help guests to keep fit during the holidays in Mauritius. This hotel becomes one of the best hotel for Awesome Destination author.

Lux-Le-Morne-Mauritius-Hotel-Reviews-Luxury-Room Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Hotel Reviews Review

Lux* Le Morne Mauritius Hotel Room

For the facilities and services in the hotel are as below:

  1. Pool
  2. Restaurant
  3. Fitness
  4. Bar
  5. Spa
  6. Hot Tube
  7. Tennis Court
  8. Free WiFi
  9. Playground for Kids
  10. Laundry
  11. Meeting Rooms
  12. Airport Transport
  13. Baby Sitting

Hotel Awards


2013 – Certificate of Excellence 2013
2016 – Certificate of Excellence 2016
2016 – Number 3 of 10 Top Hotels in Mauritius
2016 – Number 1 of 12 Hotels in Le Morne


Lux* Le Morne Author Review

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