Hawaii Islands, the Diversity of Singular Beauty and Excitement

Hawaii Islands – There is beauty in every part of the world. But when it comes to the ultimate natural beauty, nothing can beat Hawaii. Everything about Hawaii is amazing, considering how small this country is. Hawaii islands are home to amazing landscapes such as volcanic mountain, snowy mountain hill, thick rainforests, and jet-black beach sands.

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Hawaii Islands

However, what makes Hawaii even more special is that Hawaii is an archipelago consists of eight islands and many small islets. Six of the islands are available to venture, ready to welcome visitors across the world with open arms. Are you ready to drop your jaw in awe with the beauty of Hawaii destinations?

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Big Waves Hawaii Islands

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Hawaii Islands, the Diversity of Singular Beauty and Excitement


Hawaii Islands of Wonders and Excitement

Oahu Islands

As previously mentioned, Hawaii is the home of six amazing islands available to visitors. The ultimate destination of Hawaii islands is Oahu Island, home of the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu. Travelers can find the famous Waikiki Beach in Oahu Island. This island itself is a legend created since over 4 million years in the past.

One can feel the unusual sensation of a mixture of the old culture of Hawaii and contemporary, modern touch to the city. Want to have a taste of Hawaii’s ultimate cuisine? Then Oahu Island is the perfect destination to be: A food paradise with enriched traditional dishes and global cuisines are scattered everywhere in this part of an island.

Is Awesome Destination?


Maui Islands

Hawaii islands also have a single, big island known as the Big Island. Not only is this island the largest of all the islands in Hawaii, but it is also a home for the active, gigantic Kilauea Volcano. Aside from the monstrous volcano, Big Island also consists of 11 climates zones, a perfect destination for those who wish to enjoy every kind of climate in one go.

The second biggest island is the Valley Isle, Maui. For Hawaii citizens, Maui is in the heart of the business community. West Maui is the spot for some of the best resorts and hotels in Hawaii, while East Maui is a beautiful landscape leading to Hana, one of Maui’s central traveling place.

On the other hand, South Maui is the hottest part of Maui, home of the amazing black lava shores. This spot is the favorites place for honeymoon like Mauritius in Africa.


Kauai Islands and Molokai Islands

Kauai is an island of green field and beautiful landscape. Among the other Hawaii islands, Kauai is a small island with tons of tropical excitements with buildings so small they are not permitted to be built higher than even the tallest coconut palm tree. Here in Kauai Island, tourists can enjoy every outdoor activity such as biking, diving, hiking, and lots of other fun activities to do.

For the single destination, Molokai Island becomes the perfect destination. As the most Hawaiian island in the country, Molokai is the icon of Hawaii’s pure culture, with only locals dominating the island and culture. For those who seek nothing but Hawaii’s original culture and natural peacefulness, Molokai Island is the perfect island to visit.


Lanai Islands

The last island available to visit in Hawaii is Lanai Island, yet another private island. While it is a quiet island with little to no nightlife, Lanai is a peaceful island with no traffic and few inhabitants waiting to welcome visitors. One amazing thing visitors can enjoy in Lanai is its pleasant weather, unlike everywhere else in Hawaii.

Such are the diversity of the Hawaii islands. Each holds diverse characteristics are waiting to be unraveled. Are you ready to venture deeper into the beauty of Hawaii?

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