Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage Site

Great Barrier Reef – This place is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Also, Greet Barrier Reef is one of the world heritage sites since 1981. If you are one of the diving lovers, this places can be one of your favorites places for diving.

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Beautiful Sea Lives

Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage Site since 1981

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and pulling away from it, and viewing it from a higher distance, you can realize why. It is bigger than the Great Wall of China and the only residing thing on planet noticeable from space.


What is Great Barrier Reef?

The reef is a reproduction region for humpback whales, migrating coming from the Antarctic and is also the environment of a few vulnerable varieties such as the Dugong (Sea Cow) and large Green Sea Turtle. In popularity of its importance, UNESCO has shown the Great Barrier Reef as a World Heritage Site in 1981.

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Simply because of its natural beauty, each below and over the water’s surface, the reef has grown to be one of the world’s most wanted after traveler places.

In 2006 there had been just about 820 workers and 1500 ships and airplanes allowed to work in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park supplying ease of access for all to encounter the Great Barrier Reef and understand first hand about its natural pleasures and World Heritage principles.

Where is Great Barrier Reef?

The marine park extends more than 3000km (1800 miles) nearly similar to the Queensland coastline, close to the southern coastal town of Bundaberg, up past the north tip of Cape York.

The reef, among 15 Km and 150 Km off the coast and about 65 Km massive in some components, is a collecting of amazing, bright coral presenting scuba divers with the majority of magnificent under the sea encounter you can imagine.

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Great Barrier Reef

A deeper experience with the Great Barrier Reef’s amazing coral landscapes shows several impressive underwater points of interest such as the world’s greatest variety of corals, coral sponges, molluscs, rays, dolphins, over 1500 varieties of exotic fish, much more than 200 kinds of birds, about 20 types of reptiles including sea turtles and giant clams over 120 years old.

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