Destinations that Famous for Sex Tourism Countries

10 Countries that Popular for Sex Tourism Destinations – Sex is one thing that the core needs of every human being. Few countries in the world have a ‘sexual tourism’ which has been celebrated in various countries.

Also known as the sex tourism, travel is one of the types of income for a country that provide them. The use of sexual side as an exclusive tourist destination is indeed quite sufficient to attract visitors to visit compared to another travel theme.

Indeed, not everyone who is visiting the places that fall into this category of sex tourism destination should engage in sexual activities, but the majority is discussing that purpose.

Popular for Sex Tourism Destinations

10-Countries-that-Popular-for-Sex-Tourism-Destinations-Places-Content 10 Countries that Popular for Sex Tourism Destinations Asia City & Village

10 Countries that Popular for Sex Tourism Destinations

Here are a few countries that have a travel destination smelled of prostitution.

1. Germany

In this country, where prostitution is widely spread in various regions. In fact, not only in a special place only, locations for prostitution activities also can be found free on the streets, and that is legal. The sex tourism industry’s history in Germany’s long-standing and well-organized since around 1200 AD.

2. Malaysia

Although declared illegal because it is not by the teachings of religion, but that does not mean any sex tourism in Malaysia. In some locations like Penang, Kuala Lumpur City, and Ipoh, venues for prostitution is known as the unsecret thing, and the industry is increasingly growing larger since many sex workers from different countries come to Malaysia.

3. Dominican Republic

Due to its land that quite close to the United States that is reported as ‘backers’ and ‘sender’ of tourists to the area. Prostitution in the Dominican Republic also thrives.

4. Kenya

In Africa and surrounding region, Kenya is a country that has stability in a variety of things are pretty good in comparison to nearest countries. Besides an exceptional nature, Kenya is also known as sex travel destination of the biggest on this continent.

Even the Kenyan Tourism Board is not so worried about the emergence of the travel despite high people affected by HIV and STI. On average values the tourists who visit Kenya to sample the ‘entertainment’ dominance of male sex workers in white women aged.

5. Netherlands

Besides Germany, the Netherlands is also one of the countries in Europe famous for sex tourism. Prostitution in the Netherlands was a legal and regulated and well-organized. De Wallen is a red district in the Netherlands and becomes an end for sex tourism is quite famous in the world.

6. Philippines

Although it feels quite spacious and large, the sex industry in the Philippines is not well liked by the people around even declared illegal by the government. The majority of the sex trade in the Philippines wrapped with travel entertainment available in pubs or cafes.

Reportedly, about 60% tourists who visit the Philippines just like to enjoy for sex tourism only.

7. Spain

Since the last couple of years, the sex industry in Spain rose rapidly and became one of the tourist destinations for travelers from other countries. Although the majority of sex workers in the country are immigrant peoples, the Spanish government as not too worried, because the foreign exchange gained are quite promising.

8. Colombia

The sex industry in Colombia was a legal according to the administration and the law and quite acceptable to the society in the country. However, the Colombian government combats the problem of human trafficking and child trafficking, child prostitution and sexual slavery.

9. Brazil

Among Latin American countries, Brazil was included in the country that has a relatively famous for sex tourism. Combined with the beauty of the girls in the country, as well as support from the Brazil government, so the sex industry and tourism in Brazil grew rapidly. Even when international events are held, such as the World Cup, the promotion of for sex tourism was also included.

10. Thailand

Among the countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand ranked first as a leading sex travel destination and sex tourism. Although not entirely legal and accepting, but in reality, the authorities would like blindfold for sex tourism which is visited by many tourists. The sex industry in Thailand started to develop during a Vietnam War a few years ago.


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Popular Sex Tourism Destinations
10-Countries-that-Popular-for-Sex-Tourism-Destinations 10 Countries that Popular for Sex Tourism Destinations Asia City & Village

10 Countries that Popular for Sex Tourism Destinations

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